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Appeal to Presidents of all National Cheerleading Federations

In March this year the Russian Federation in violation of several international agreements, including the Helsinki agreement on Security and Cooperation in Europe in 1975, annexed the territory of Ukraine - Crimea Autonomous Republic.

There are continuing provocations against the Ukrainian troops in the Crimea; the major focus of huge Russian troops and armored vehicles is around the perimeter of the Russian-Ukrainian border.

In this regard, the governments of developed civilized countries (U.S., UK, France, Germany, Canada, Japan, Italy etc.) have introduced a series of economic and political sanctions against the Russian Federation and against a number of its citizens.

For many Russian politicians and businessmen the entry in U.S. and Europe is denied, including the heads of both chambers of the Russian parliament, their bank accounts are frozen, against several Russian banks and companies sanctions are imposed.

The UN General Assembly voted overwhelmingly against recognition of Crimean "referendum" on joining the peninsula of Crimea to Russia and affirmed the territorial integrity of Ukraine.

«G-8," so-called "Big Eight" is also suspended the membership of Russia in the ranks of the organization and canceled the meeting between Russian President and the leaders of the "Big Eight", the summit of the organization in the Russian Sochi is canceled.

The Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe on April 10 deprived Russia of voting rights in the Council of Europe. For such decision voted 145 PACE members.

In the outcome document of the Security Council resolution Russia's actions are called "the annexation of the Crimea" and "armed occupation." Moscow is also accused of using "military force" and the acceptance of "unlawful conduct so-called referendum in the Crimea."

350 years united friendly history of Ukraine and Russia. We had a lot - there were 27 million lives lost in the war against Nazi Germany, liberated Europe and presented world of peace.

Together we have built a great country - the Soviet Union, flew in space, raised children and planned a bright future. We were a family.

Many in the audience do not know, but the history of Kiev Rus' originates from the gates of the capital city of Kiev. Kiev Prince Yuri Dolgoruky laid in the early 12th century on the Black River capital of today’s Russia - the city of Moscow.

Therefore, for our people it is a tragedy that our brotherly Russia annexed our Crimea.

Military conflicts are common in the world: Iraq, Libya, Kosovo, Folklenskie islands, etc.

But for the first time since World War II country by force annexed part of not just the neighboring but friendly state.

Based on the foregoing, All-Ukrainian Cheerleading Federation appeals to you with a request until the end of the conflict between Ukraine and the Russian Federation to refrain from invitation of Russian athletes, judges and officials on international competitions of all levels.

I hope that you will support the desire of Ukrainians to live in a united and indivisible Ukraine and together with global cheerleading movement will express a protest against the actions of the Russian Federation for the annexation of Ukrainian territories. 

Thank you for your support and understanding!

Best regards,

All-Ukrainian Cheerleading Federation

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